Why Personal Training Could Be Your Best Option By Portside PT

Whether or not you think you would, it’s safe to say that almost everybody would benefit from using a Personal Trainer at some point during their lives. There is sometimes a misconception that PT is something which is really challenging and inaccessible to unfit or untrained individuals. We want people to understand that actually personal training is a perfect fit for those who are looking to get started on their fitness journey, people who want to learn more about their bodies or people wanting to push past their personal barriers on their road to results. Personal Trainers will meet you where you’re at, whether you’re super fit or never been in the gym- your PT will tailor your workouts to suit you as an individual.

We’ve written up just some of the other benefits of working with a trainer below.



When you have those sessions booked in with a PT, you won’t be able to skip the workouts you’ve got in the diary meaning you’ll actually start getting to the gym instead of hitting snooze and laying in. The accountability provided by having a trainer sort of takes the responsibility off you to work out.. You don’t have much of a choice, which makes it easier to just put one foot in front of the other and get yourself to your session without umming and ahhing about whether or not you’re going.. You just know you’re going and your trainer will take care of the rest.


Individual Support

Working with a trainer will allow you gain the support you, as an individual, really need. This is massively different from just going it alone as you won’t have a professional watching over and guiding you in the way that you need guiding. This will be different from person to person too, what works for one person might not work for another, so having individual support really makes a difference when it comes to making progress in a sustainable and enjoyable way.



Staying motivated is hard at the best of times but having a personal trainer to track your progress, provide encouragement and to vary your workouts will help you stay motivated even when you don’t feel like working out. Your trainer will help remind you of the reasons why you wanted to start working out in the first place, whether that’s to get stronger, gain fitness, feel more confident or anything in between as well as reminding you how far you’ve come since you started! This goes a long way when it comes to keeping you on track and on the right path.


Technique Coaching

When it comes to lifting weights it’s super important to make sure you’re doing the movements safely. With exercises like the deadlift and squat you can do more harm than good if your movement patterns are out of alignment, especially with the lower back. 

Having a personal trainer checking your technique and adjusting your positions will ensure you’re safe at all times as well as hitting all the right muscles.


Nutrition Guidance

As we all know, the hardest part of any health and fitness routine is the nutrition aspect. We all know we could eat a little better but having some specific guidance on what we should eat and when will help you get those results faster and having a trainer to suggest some areas of improvement will go a long way!



Your trainer is like your oracle for health and fitness.. They will teach you techniques and principles to help you succeed as well as answer any questions you might have about what you’re doing and why. You’ll learn things that you never thought about before which will help you get on the path to success as well as staying on that path for the long haul. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that everything you’re doing is the right thing for you as an individual and is the right thing to help you reach your goals quickly, effectively and sustainably!


Personalised Plan

Having a plan which has been designed specifically for you will get you faster results in the areas you want to focus on and will help you find some enjoyment in exercise at the same time. As mentioned before, what works for one person may not work for you so having something you enjoy as well as something which is focussed on your particular needs and goals will produce better results in a more sustainable way. This will also help to keep you motivated and engaged over a longer period of time.


Exercise Variety

Lastly, you’ll get a whole array of different exercise and workouts from your PT. This will help keep your training fun and engaging as well as helping you to stave off any plateaus caused by your body getting too used to a limited number of exercises and training styles. This means you can explore different types of training which you may enjoy more than others and you can either stick with something you like while varying the exercises and workouts within that style or you can just branch out completely, performing lots of different types and styles of exercise to challenge your mind, body and soul!


If you need help with your health and fitness using a completely personalised approach to suit your needs, goals and fitness levels you can book in a free consultation with one of the Portside PT team to get you started on your journey or to get you back on track!

Portside PT is a personal training studio based in Hove with friendly, understanding personal trainers here to help you live a healthier, longer and more active life.

We pride ourselves in taking an individual and understanding approach with each client, which enables us to build a programme which is fun AND effective for each client!

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